Why is Trysil Alpine Lodge Important?

Hvorfor kjøpe eiendom i Trysil?

When exclusive Trysil Alpine Lodge is realized – possibly at the best location in Trysil – visitors can expect all kinds of facilities and services within immediate distance. The lodge represents comfort and facilitates an enjoyable stay.

Ensure the Possibilities
As an owner of an apartment in Trysil Alpine Lodge, you may not get to spend as much time there as you would like. As the unit might stand empty during some periods of time, being able to collect some income from this is positive. For about 75% of the apartments, renting out is a requirement. The remaining 25% can also be rented out but does not require it.

Rental – Ensures Atmosphere and a Good Offer
Rental provides a good basis for business and jobs in Trysil – all year round. By securing jobs based on regular tourism, (niche) shops and restaurants will have a better base for customers, and more exciting actors will be able to establish themselves. Trysil thus ensues a good, attractive and comprehensive offer for its guests.

It Doesn’t Have to Be One or the Other
Some of the apartments will be built so that they can have a lock-off room where you can make use of one part and rent out the other room at the same time.

The rental period applies during the winter season, from November 1 to May 1. Here, 14 of the weeks will be subject to rental, and you will have 12 weeks at disposal for your own stay. Trysil Alpine Lodge obviously wishes to be flexible, and if there is any spare capacity, the owner can book extra time – as long as you let us know well ahead of time.

We wish for the guests of Trysil Alpine Lodge to feel like part of a community, therefore, the apartments should be regularly in use, also outside of the typical high season. Therefore, the purpose of the rental is to maintain a good atmosphere in and around the lodge.