Trysil Alpine Lodge is Something Brand New in the Norwegian Mountains.


We continue the success from construction stage 1, where 45 of 45 apartments have been sold.

The second construction stage is scheduled for completion in juni/july 2023.

Construction stage 2 contains 50 apartments in sizes from 33 – 139m2, as well as storage rooms and a parking basement.

Trysil Alpine Lodge will be shaped like a small village, full of events, restaurants and exciting activities for the whole family. The lodge has the most attractive location in Trysilfjellet, practically right on the slopes, with a short way to both alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, winter games on skis and much more.

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The high standard project Trysil Alpine Lodge is being built by the families Sletten and Sørhus – locals who know a lot about team spirit and the long-term vision for Norway’s largest ski destination.

The Adventure Begins in the 60s. On the north side of Trysilfjellet, in Fageråsen, the family Søgård starts the development of the cottage area and ski slope in 1965. Eventually, they succeed. This leads to around 20 landowners (now 26), both private and the municipal forest in Trysil, coming together and contributing with large areas in the foundation of Trysilfjell Utmarkslag in 1971. Large forest- and mountain areas are now at their disposal. Not all the areas can be expanded, as some must be recreational areas, the affected landowners are however compensated – which they all find fair. In 1975, they start the development of the cottages up towards Skihytta. The first ski trail is on the south side of Trysilfjellet, and after the opening and the ski season 75/76, the snowball is rolling. The goal of creating Norway’s largest ski destination has been initiated.

Restaurant Trysil

The definition of a lodge is a warm, comfortable and social place. Lodging is a relatively new concept in Norway, but in Aspen, there are many traditions around the concept. The typical American lodge is packed with exciting cultural events, tempting eateries and activities for the whole family. A real lodge should, according to our architect, be the place to be. When the Trysil Alpine Lodge project stands ready, it is with ambitions to recreate a part of the American feeling, with a Norwegian touch.

A Meeting Place

Trysil Alpine Lodge provides immediate access to the slopes. With ski-in/ski-out in the winter. And proximity to climbing park, bike and golf. Shops and restaurants “almost” right outside the front door.

The interior style of Trysil Alpine Lodge is described by Will as “alpine modern style”. A style that is cosy, comfortable and in contact with nature through large windows that capture the daylight and frame the view.

The apartments are larger than what is standard for Scandinavia and are designed to give you a sense of space and comfort. Most of the apartments will be complete with a kitchen and living room, with plenty of space to accommodate guests. The apartment is a perfect place for you to retreat to, and you’ll have plenty of room to create your own traditions, such as dinner parties with friends or Christmas celebrations with your family.

The materials that will be used reflect Trysil’s heritage and history. Wood will be sourced from both local forests and actors, and will be used both in- and outdoors. This lodge unites the best from Trysil and Aspen.

In the first construction phase you will find  45 apartments , storageroom and parking basement.