Trysil For Everyone – All Year Round

Trysil is a year-round destination that offers a multitude of activities for the whole family. With its cold winters and warm summers, Trysil is a perfect destination for sporty activities, hikes in the forest and play.

Lysløype i Trysil

The Goal Has Been Reached

Trysil is Norway’s largest ski destination and has been for many years. Trysilfjellet has 500 snow guns at its disposal to secure snowy slopes from the end of October until May 1. The mountain has 31 ski lifts, including six lifts for children, that will transport you to your favourite slopes. In Trysilfjellet, you can enjoy a total of 68 attractive alpine slopes – suitable for different ages, skill levels and interests. For cross-country enthusiasts, Trysilfjellet offers trails that make up a total of 500 kilometres, and it is up to you whether the ambition is a short or long trip. If you would like an extra evocative experience, a sleigh ride might just be the thing for you.

The youngest children will not be bored in Eventyr at Trysil Turistsenter, which is perhaps the most popular children’s area in Norway. It is well facilitated for children, with simple drag lifts, conveyor belts, a self timer track, easy ski slopes and a fun toboggan track.

Trysil is also a year-round destination and has become big on bicycle tourism in the summer. If you enjoy trail-riding, the trails in Gullia or Fjellrunden are ideal. If you would rather prefer a bigger challenge, you can take the chair lift to the downhill Magic Moose. This trail is 7.5 kilometres long, consists of banked turns, moguls, and is one of Europe’s longest of its kind.

Scandinavia’s longest river system, Trysilelva, is used for both rafting and surfing with river boards. In calmer waters it is possible to rent canoes. There are also many nice fishing spots in Trysil. In addition, you can enjoy activities such as golf, canyoning and climbing. Restaurants and bars are flourishing with life, and the municipality, which has 6,575 permanent residents, welcomes 40,–45,000 visitors in a single day during peak season.

Trysil Alpine Lodge is not just for activities, but is also important for the area, learn why here.