Q&A – Trysil Alpine Lodge

When must the purchase price be paid?
You only have to pay 10% within 10 days of signing the contract. The remaining 90% with the addition of furniture / electrical equipment / kitchen utensils and costs are paid upon takeover when the apartment is ready for occupancy (ready to move into).

Will the purchase price be regulated during the construction / building period?
No, it is the purchase price at the time of the agreement that applies. The price given (quoted) when accepting the bid (binding purchase confirmation) is the same that you have to pay when you take over the property. Any risk of price increases in the construction / building process rests with the developer / entrepreneur.

How many weeks can I use the apartment when there is a rental obligation on it?
If you buy one of the apartments with a rental obligation, you are obligated to have the apartment available for rent for a total of 14 out of 26 weeks during the winter season (from November 1st to May 1st). This means that you are guaranteed to have the remaining 12-14 weeks at your own disposal during the winter season. The entire summer season is at your disposal, no rental obligation.

Can I rent out the apartment if there is no rental obligation on it?

How will the rental market be in the future?
This is difficult to say for sure in a longer perspective. However, the occupancy rate in this area is over 80 % during the winter season. The summer season is showing a strong increase in growth as a result of solid investments in summer activities with an increase in commercial guest nights in July of 28% compared to 2018. Another exiting factor is the opening of a new airport on the Swedish side of the border just before new year 2019/2020 and international flights to Copenhagen and London have already been established. Because of Trysil Alpine Lodge location, it indicates that the apartments will be the most attractive rental units towards this market where access to ski resorts, bicycle facilities, shops and restaurants is just around the corner.

In addition, as a skiing destination, the Trysil mountain has proven to be a snow safe facility. They already have and will continue to invest significantly in snow production in order to increase the capacity of the ski resort both early and late in the winter season.

The rental market is, of course, sensitive to fluctuations in the business cycle and therefore one must take into account that there may be years when the occupancy rate will be lower than today.